Image: Team USA's Oshie scores on the team's sixth shootout attempt against Russia's goalie Bobrovski during their men's preliminary round ice hockey game at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games
Grigory Dukor / Reuters

Meet the Press   |  February 16, 2014

Competition Heats Up in Sochi

A Meet the Press roundtable discusses the USA's epic hockey win over Russia and its ripe political undertones.

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>> that happened on the ice, the shot heard around the world . oh, she. it was the sixth round of the shoot-out.

>> eighth round.

>> usa, rush jaric hockey and the shot which we can show here of that final shoot-out which is always great in a hockey game. and what a moment, but --

>> poor jonathan quick .

>> pretty good goaltending too.

>> oshie, yes.

>> this moment of patriotism comes at a time when the this sensitivity between russia and the united states is real.

>> that's what struck me about it. this suddenly collective almost cold waresque rallying, and that's why there was so, it seemed as if there was such relief to beat putin . and putin was in the audience. my god, it was rocky iv met the miracle on ice. the only thing, and i'm sure you hust must have felt a little bit of this. the only weird thing, as a capitals fan you see so very much kin once again on the losing side of the game.

>> david, you do remember this cold war moment in the miracle on ice. a new generation watching the olympics. yet, that sensitivity is the real at a time of reset in our relationship with russia , what played out there was a genuine moment of we triumphed over the russians.

>> putin is trying to reset the reset. he seems nos an tal jik for the old days. the fact he was there, we want him to see it. a shoutout to the patrick kane who was instrumental in the victory, as well. i don't care about the capitals.

>> did you watch?

>> i saw the highlights. i think this dynamicing with putin is so interesting to have him in the stands. we think of athletes from being walled off from international politics but they're very aware. it's that sixth sense of what they're fighting for.

>> we talk about the bush years. you go back to that time when after 9/11, there was a feeling that somehow russia was in the u.s. orbit in a way it hadn't been before. to watch that fall away and get to a point where things are as strained as they are now, it's a compelling backdrop to you an