Meet the Press   |  March 02, 2014

Kerry: Putin Using Force in 'Inappropriate Manner'

Secretary of State John Kerry criticizes Russian President Vladimir Putin over military action in Ukraine.

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>> was thrown out. despite putin's support. yanukovych turned on his own people. president putin is using force in a completely inappropriate manner that will invite the world and it also already is. he is not going to gain by this. he may be able to have his troops for some period of time in crimea unless he resolves this, but the fact is, he's going to lose on the international stage, russia is going to lose, the russian people are going to lose. he's going to lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics. his $60 billion extravaganza. he is not going to have a an sochi g-8. he may not even remain in the g-8 if this continues. may find himself