Meet the Press   |  March 02, 2014

Netanyahu's Visit: A Moment of Truth?

Secretary of State John Kerry forecasts the upcoming trip to Washington by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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>> with the regard to the israel, you've worked so hard on middle east peace as threatenia hugh comes to washington, is this a moment of truth for him? does he have to act for the peace process to be successful?

>> well, everybody has to act, david. this isn't just a question or i an series of questions for prime minister netanyahu. he's been very courageous and he's made tough decisions with respect to entering into these negotiations and some of the things that he's indicated he's willing to do in the negotiations. it's also up to president abbas, the palestinians need to decide whether or not they're prepared to compromise, whether or not they're willing to do some of the things necessary. this is not a burden exclusive to one party or the other. so we expect to have a good conversation. i don't think it's some showdown or anything. this has been a very cooperative, very engaged process on a daily basis with both