Meet the Press   |  March 09, 2014

Plane's Disappearance Raises Questions

NBC News' Tom Costello updates David with the latest on the vanished Malaysian flight that was carrying two mysterious passengers, raising questions about the strange disappearance of the plane.

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>> is with us with the latest on the investigation. what have you learned? what can you tell us this morning?

>> night has now fallen in malaysia. authorities there have suspended the air search. the military says its radar indicates the plane may have attempted to turn back early saturday but there was never a distress call . authorities are also consulting with the fbi looking closely at the entire passenger manifest to see who was on this plane and what were their true identities. yesterday we learned two europeans, austrian and italian were listed as passengers on that plane but in fact when were safe and sound on the ground. both reported their passports stole in thailand over the past two years or so. this morning we learned there may be two more passengers who were traveling on false documents. meantime, 40 ships and 22 aircraft including ships and planes from the u.s.s are converging on this area near the gulf of thailand and the south china sea , the plane's last known location. the street na meese military spotted two large oil slicks on the water. it's not known if those are connected but it's all they have to go on at this moment. the search is concentrating in that area. three americans are among the 239 passengers and crew members, including philip wood, an ibm executive from texas. the plane a i boeing triple 7 series nearly 12 years old, in august of 2012 , that very plane lost a tip of a wing after slipping another plane on the ground in shanghai. now, while that wing was repaired, investigators will want to know whether that repair in any way contributed to the crash. clearly, this is eerily similar to the air france flight 447 which disappeared over the atlantic in 2009 while search teams did find pieces of the wreckage, it took two years to find the body of the plane on the ocean floor . that was an airbus a-330. this is a boeing 777 . the last time the only other fatal crash involving a boeing triple 7 , the asian nan crash in san francisco . investigators believe that was a result of pilot error . this morning, we have no idea where this plane is, no signs of wreckage. it is dark again and now nearly 48 hours s)=ss? plane went missing.

>> a lot to learn. tom, thanks so much for the