Meet the Press   |  March 09, 2014

Congressman: 'There's No Silver Bullet' on Ukraine Crisis

Rep. Peter King of New York suggests that strict sanctions on Russian oligarchs is an important step in addressing the crisis in the Ukraine, and discusses the possibility of terrorism in the case of the missing Malaysian flight.

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>> still not getting an answer from the administration what the best offense is at this point against russia to stop him in his tracks, him being president putin . he's already crossed the line. there are people in the region worried about him doing more and he may take crimea back into russia . what does the u.s. do about it?

>> we have to be clear there will be firm sanctions. we should freeze assets of any russian oligarchs in this country. increase military support for the baltic states , increase military support for polanden an hungary and make it clear the sanctions will be in force and we have to make sure the allies are working together. tough ironclad sanctions on russia . we have to sustain it and keep it going. i think the first thing to hit home will be to freeze the assets of russian oligarchs and top russians in this country and throughout the western world .

>> is our energy policy our best offense here? do we say to europe, look, we're going to lift restrictions on exporting natural gas ? we want to become a bigger partner to you in terms of where you get your natural gas instead of russia ? do you think that's how to apply pressure on putin?

>> we have to increase exports of liquefied natural gas . these countries like england and others and germany cannot be forced to rely on russia for the lng they get. the natural gas -- we have enough to supply so many countries in the world. and we should right now start lifting restrictions. we should begin exporting as quickly as we can. that's not going to work in the short term but it can relieve some of the pressure and it can help these countries set their long-term policy to realize they're not not going to be bound to russia for