Meet the Press   |  March 09, 2014

Rep. King on Rand Paul: 'Concerns' Still There

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., who's in the past been critical of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul's firebrand political style, reiterates his general opposition to Paul's branding.

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>> outspoken talking about rand paul who won the cpac, the straw poll which is not that meaningful in the scheme of things but gives him a little bit of a bump. in the past, you've been critical saying he peas to the lowest common denominator in the party. do you think he's a more viable candidate for the presidency in 2016 ?

>> the concerns that i have are still will. he's a person who said we're more concerned about cia killing americans with drones as to having coffee in starbucks, who said that the director of national intelligence should be in the same jail as snowden. i mean, it's scaring americans . our real enemy is al qaeda . we have to be concerned about russia. he was being critical of americans several weeks ago. he said we tweak the russians too much. when i say he's appealing to the lowest common denominator , he's trying to somehow tell americans we can retreat from the world, that american is an imperial power . the world would be safer. nothing can make the world more dangerous than if america did go back into isolationism. this is not the days of charles lindbergh . we have to be a strong and viable nation and can't allow isolationists to take over the republican party . that would be damaging not just