Meet the Press   |  March 09, 2014

What Lies Ahead in Ukraine Crisis?

A Meet the Press roundtable discusses potential future developments in the Ukraine crisis and how the U.S. should engage with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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>> the crisis in ukraine. and creeia you first, how do you make putin stop? do you think the administration has figured out the answer that?

>> not at all. putin has not agreed to direct talks with the ukrainians. he can't get a meeting in moscow. the other thing is, there are reports that russia is attacking the kiev government with cyberwar. very sophisticated stuxnet type cyberwar. that could cripple their attempts to revive their economy and infrastructure. you've got military moves, crimea is effectively gone. i don't think germany and the rest of the europeans will help the u.s. isolate putin economically. and there is lobbying, intense lobbying from american business who have huge deals in russia worried about the blowback from sanctions, sanctions against russia will hurt them. the president doesn't have a play and lavrov according to some really well sourced supports, lavrov the national security council and economic advisors were clueless about putin 's decision. he made that decision with three old buddies from the kgb days. who is he listening to.

>> karen, do you think the president is playing this right, that he's going to have to ultimately accept the cm russia 's economy is particularly fragile. we saw a drop in their stock market . what came out of congress with us passing the billion dollar loan guarantee with the unity amongst the european nations, i do think that the president is playing it right. i think his leadership has been strong.

>> ron?

>> we were flat footed. one, this was the second successive president that has viewed rushate way they want it to be, not the way it is. specifically putin . we can talk about president bush year one. secondly, where was the cia, our intelligence community ? why didn't woo he know about this.

>> divided.

>> i'm wondering if our intelligence community should be spying more on russia and less on