Meet the Press   |  March 16, 2014

Foul Play Possible in Missing Malaysian Flight

The most recent developments in the case of the missing Malaysian flight indicate there may have been interference with the flight crew.

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>> i just mentioned the evidence, the concrete evidence that points to this being a criminal act . it i can me through that that leads you to believe that's the case.

>> well, early on, david, one of the things that we had was the initial radar track. that was just the outbound portion that tended to make us believe that this was just at event that took place and we didn't know if it was an accident. it was that second turn. it was that initial left hand turn with the track for about an hour, and then the subsequent return or right turn that caused me and i think others to believe, especially the malaysians that that was not on the flight plan route, that it had to have been human intervention that actually initiated that turn. when you're going away from your intended destination of beijing and course, that to me having done silk air , working with the indo indonesians led me to believe there was something else going on not intended as far as conducting this flight.

>> greg, the point is that there is evidence that somebody in the crew is turning off its its the communications, turning off the radar and all of a sudden you see it re-emerge on a different flight path after a turn. that says to you somebody has made a deliberate decision to commandeer this aircraft and go in a different direction?

>> absolutely. there would never be a reason for a pilot to turn off the transponders. that is the key for air traffic controllers to be able to track that airplane at all times in the air. there would have been no reason to turn off the transponders. the fact that the a car systems, the data portion was shut down indicates somebody didn't want to be tracked through the transponder or the acar system. the military only had a skin paint, not des script blip on the radar that said the airplane was at a distance and heading in a direction. but that was it.

>> so let's look at potential flight paths here on the map because it could have gone a couple of different directions. the southern route route versus the northern route , if you're going north, all you of a sudden you get over a big land mass in south asia , the middle east . a lot of u.s. military assets there, other mirt assets that other countries have. it seems implausible you could fly a plane and not be detected. doesn't this still point to the idea it crashed if?

>> it does to an extent. i would think if this person turned off all the transponders and system they didn't want to be detected. if you take the northerly track,??f you go back into a radar read environment and potential environment where we have space assets looking do unon that part of the world. why would you want to go back and get into a detected area? if you go south, there's very little radar coverage, if any. i don't believe we would be looking there from space because that's the middle of the ocean and there's not really any activity going on out there. that would be a great place to disappear.

>> theories run wild. you're an experienced investigator. what do you have to be running through here to think about likely outcomes?

>> i think right now, while we all hold out hope that there may be a successful end to this situation, if you will, the airplane is sitting somewhere even though there may have been a philadelphia fairious intent. i believe based on my experience in all the years that this not have the outcome especially for the families that they want but we're not going to be fully confident as to what the motive was the for their type of event, whether it was some sort of intentional act by a pilot for selfish reasons or some sort of terroristic type or at least implied terrorististic event.