Meet the Press   |  March 16, 2014

White House Insists 'Pressure' Being Put on Russia

White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer describes the White House's view of the crisis in the Ukraine.

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>> is crimea lost at this point?

>> look, we are putting as much pressure on the russians as we can to do the right thing. we have given them the opportunity in the past tocx de-escalate and get this in the right place. theft know there are costs to their action here. the costs are economic, the russian economy , the russian stock market and the ruble are at five-year lows. russia's isolated in the world. you saw that in the u.n. security council yesterday. the more they escalate, the longer the cost will be.

>> there's still a concern there might be an attempt to move into eastern ukraine , maybe even militarily move into crimea further. do you think that's going to happen, starting with crimea ?

>> first as relates to the resin dup, this is is in violation of international law . the united states is not going to recognize the results of that referendum. and we are working with our partners around the world, the europeans in particular, to marshall forces against the russians to put pressure on them in the form of sanctions. the president has signed an executive order last week that gives him authority to do this. you can expect sanctions in the coming days.

>> if there is a' move militarily into the rest of the ukraine , how important is it from the president's point of view to send military aid to ukraine to be able to protect itself.

>> supporting the new ukrainian government is the top of our priority proo list. we're looking at all ways of assistance.

>> would the president call on congress to pass more military aid for ukraine ?

>> we are calling on them right now. there's a bill that came out of the senate foreign relations committee last week. and we're going to keep working this as much as we can.

>> is eastern ukraine the new red line here?

>> what we have do, everything the russians have done thus far is in violation of international law and bad for peace and stability in the region and bad for the russians . president putin has a choice what he's going to do here, further hurt his economy, further diminish russian influence in the world or is he going to do the right thing.