Meet the Press   |  March 16, 2014

White House Careful in Response to CIA Claims

White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer comments on the Senate claims that the CIA hacked into committee computers.

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>> let me ask you about the debate between the senate and the cia over past interrogation techniques. is this a fight over documents, or did the cia spy on the senate?

>> well, ts back to what this entire issue is about. a senate report and the conduct conducted under the previous administration that the president outlawed on his first day in office. we provided millions of pages to the senate and the president is urging the committee to finish the report as soon as possible. there are allegations on both sides referred to the appropriate authorities to the inspector general and the department of justice . we'll let them get to the bottom of it.

>> you're not prepared to say whether the head of the cia john brennan should an poize?

>> let's let them get to the bottom of what happened.