Meet the Press   |  March 16, 2014

Senators Mum on Alleged CIA Spying

Sens. Jeff Flake and Dick Durbin have little answers on recent allegations that the CIA spied on members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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>> do you both believe the cia illegally spied on the senate?

>> i have the highest respect for dianne feinstein . there isn't a person in the senate who works harder to be fair with one of the toughest assignments as head of the committee. i read her statement she gave on the floor. it was a thoughtful, serious seniors effort to establish the role of congress and the senate and the oversight of the cia .

>> did it illegal little spy?

>> i can tell you this. we need to get to the bottom of it. i've called on the administration and the cia to release this report once and for all. so we know what happened.

>> my question is, did the cia illegally spy on the senate? are you prepared to reach a conclusion.

>> dianne feinstein believes that's the case. let's get the investigation underway.

>> should brennan apologize.

>> i'm not on the intel