Meet the Press   |  March 16, 2014

Gibbs: 'Absolutely' Senate in Danger for Dems

Robert Gibbs, in a Meet the Press roundtable discussion, says the Senate outlook looks dim for Democrats.

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>> he doesn't get, as i said, mof involved in raising money, in getting voters excited we know as you said that obamacare is going to bring republicans out. what issues can the president try to put on the table to get democrats excited. if he doesn't get more involved in raising money and making this a choice as dan pfeiffer said, you lose the senate and if you lose the senate, turnout the lights because the gg9?party's over.

>> is the senate in danger?

>> definitely. absolutely.

>> how come dan pfeiffer didn't say it?

>> i did the same thing a few years ago on your show and i still have tire tracks. honesty can only go so far in washington when you're employed. as a consultant i can say all these things now. if you look at, that effect got to pick up six seats, not a small number. but what gives them a huge advantage is the states they're in as israel mentioned in louisiana and in north carolina , in montana, places that the president didn't do well.