Meet the Press   |  March 16, 2014

Bill Maher Dishes on Red State Performances

NBC's Harry Smith sits down with political comedian Bill Maher as he tours the nation ripping on Republicans and Democrats alike.

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>> harry reid , the leader in the senate, the cure for common charis charisma, a man with the oratorical skills of the onstar operator.

>> we are back. so when it comes to politics, comedian bill maher doesn't pull any punches. you might have noticed that if you watch his bo show. recently he's been thinking about how dysfunctional politics has become in the country and takes his message to red state america. harry smith caught up with him.

>> reliably funny and liberal, bill bill maher has been mounting a one-man comedic insurgency around the country.

>> i know everywhere there are smart, progressive, are ?sk7 free-thinking people. they're just surrounded by a bunch of red necks . i understand that.

>> what's it like when you take your stuff to a red state ?

>> better than blue states even. but there is an extra added excitement in red states in places where people don't often see someone like me. there is not a place i can find in america that is so red that i can't get 3,000 screaming atheists to come see me on a sunday. you know?

>> his sar donic smirk has held head forth friday night's on hbo for more than a decade. he says if the country has the blahs, he's not surprises. take health care , please. was obamacare a mistake?

>> the problem with obamacare is not too much socialism. it's still too much capitalism. the reason it's so screwed up is we have to have this rube goldberg plan that allows pharmaceutical companies to get their cut and insurance companies to get their cut and hospitals to enrich themselves and doctors to get rich. it should be a non-profit thing. perhaps elections should not be a profit-making endeavor or cost $2 billion. of course, we're american, the exceptionali exceptionalism, exceptionally stupid on then point but exceptional.

>> obama's soft on terror. ask nel wedding party in afghanistan. he is -- so so soft on terror. like remember that time he found bin laden and he let him off? with a warning and a stiff fine.

>> if anyone's to blame for most of what ails us, including the president's low approval ratings, it's not hard to guess who he faults.

>> who are you most displeased with these days? republicans or democrats? xon. >> oh, come really? seriously? republicans. you know, i mean, in the last 20 years, that has not really been a choice. they just drove the short bus to crazytown at a certain point.

>> in a bill maher run world there would be more news on the news, more democrats in congress, and a marijuana store in every strip mall .

>> is legalization of marijuana --

>> yes.

>> an inevitability?

>> i think it is, yeah. i keep comparing it to gay marriage . once you see it becoming legal and the world doesn't fall down the next day or the next week or the next year, the issue kind of goes away.

>> for po maher's admittedly cloudy3"t; perspective the world is most most skew.

>> i understand why the richest 1% vote republican. they deserve those votes. they represent the richest 1% perfectly. anybody else who does, just corporate america 's useful idiots .

>> as for malaise, if it's real, it's our fault.

>> what's wrong with us?

>> well, gosh, where to begin there? first of all, we're not very well enformed. the political process. people used to take civics and at least know how country worked. we have become a country where scientists poo-pooed. people never used to argue that much about science.

>> we might argue about how we take these facts and move forward in a different direction. but we don't argue about the facts themselves. that's not true anymore. facts themselves, come on, harry, how much do we really know about facts?

>> for "meet the press," harry smith .