Meet the Press   |  March 30, 2014

New Concerns Bubbling Up in Ukraine

NBC News' Ayman Mohyeldin has more on why the Ukrainian government is facing new challenges in the wake of Russia's advance on Crimea.

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>> i want to go to my colleague in eastern ukraine . any sign there of increased troop movements on the border? what are you seeing and hearing?

>> well, chuck, we've been on the ukrainian side for the past several days and made it out to the ukrainian russian border. we were unable to see a makeshift ukrainian post set up by the border guard . about 200 men we saw. they've been positioned since march 5th when tensions rose. they say their morale is high and they would fight if they were forced to after the developments they saw in crimea. but the biggest concerns for ukrainian officials is what happens in places like da nansk. thousands of showed up to call on the russian government to intervene and protect their interests. why that's so the important for the ukrainian government and others, they're concerned that could be the pretext that russia uses to have more interference in ukraine's affairs and possibly even push forward. as you mentioned, sergey lavrov said russia has no intentions to move troops across the border. they say they would protect their interests if that happens. that is why the situation in donetsk and other cities is remains