Meet the Press   |  March 30, 2014

Republicans Face Struggle in 2014 Midterms

A Meet the Press roundtable looks at the challenges facing the GOP in the 2014 midterm campaigns.

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>> i'm doing something that they normally advise you not to do which i'm moving as we go, i got a little map. i want to do 2014 . let's set the stage for you. here's the current makeup of the senate. been a lot of talk about how suddenly republicans seem to have a better than 50-50 chance. so the question is, why do we think that. 55-45. republicans need six because joe biden would be the tiebreaker out of 50-50. these states in yellow, there are 36 senate seats up in 35 states. south carolina this year has two. but really it comes down to why everybody think republicans have such a good cannes. if they win democratic health senate seats in the states romney carried, they've got the majority. six of seven, they have the majority. now throw in the in the fact in the last three months, they've added another six states into the competitive category from new hampshire to virginia, iowa, colorado, minnesota, michigan. there's even some people talking about oregon. so you throw that landscape, that's 13 seats. meanwhile the democrats look at this. they've put two realistically in play, kentucky and georgia and one be they're relying on a little tea party help in mitts miss. look at this. they could lose all three and still find the path. so amy walter, are you with everybody else ? it is now republicans to lose when it comes to control of the senate? i feel like we've had this conversation for the last three cycles. it was theirs to lose in 2010 , 2012 and it's republicans to lose this time. the best opportunity they have to lose it is the same as it was back in those three cycles which is they do the harm to themselves. either by nominating really, really weak candidates or by doing things that put them in difficult positions shutting down the government, running up their negatives by running campaigns that are not focused on the issues that people really care about. but you look at those states, you look at the president's numbers. nationally, if he's at 42%.

>> imagine where he is in arkansas or even -- it's interesting the republicans have an insurance policy . mitch mcconnell could lose, rick santorum . he didn't have a great week. by the way, he didn't have a great weekend in the ncaa tournament because of his bad week. i want to show you, he got in trouble for an ad he put up. we want to show you a clip of this ad. play it really quickly here.

>> this is the moment. let's go out there and do it.

>> look at those two guys. those aren't kentucky wildcats . those aren't louisville cardinals . rick santorum , those are duke blue devils . you know you can't mess that stuff up.

>> it's blue and white , come on.

>> it fooled me.

>> it did fool you.

>> i thought it was kentucky .

>> it was a whole mess there. peter baker , it was a mess that day. first he had the wrong thing. then the ncaa said you can't use our players. then pretty much insult to injury, mitch mcconnell who is a louisville cardinal grad sees them to lose kentucky . uk. he's no fan of who he's made clear he's no fan of is playing today for a right to the final four.

>> a bad day . sports are a metaphor for politics. it's because in fact there are similarities. competitiveness, it's about energy, it's about momentum. and the question is, do the republicans use the momentum they have right now the heading into their final four and they've managed to find ways of not using it in the past. this is a different year.

>> svante. what gets democrats motivated to vote in november? that seems to be an elusive issue.

>> to me it's the future, it's elections are always about the future. obamacare and the debate is increasingly going to become the path. six months from now when folks are insured and we've got folks getting insured all over the country, they'll think about the potholes but who is going to create jobs and help my kid go to college and help us build a better country. if the republicans continue to talk about the past, i don't think they're