Meet the Press   |  March 30, 2014

State Senator Slams ‘So-Called’ Bridge Report

New Jersey State Sen. Loretta Weinberg criticizes a recent report that seems to indicate that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had no prior knowledge of closing lanes to the George Washington Bridge.

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>> you going to step -- what's it going for you to take to accept governor christie's side of the sorry?

>> i'm willing to accept his side of the story all the way along as soon as we get all of the information, as soon as we get a chance to question all the people we would like to question and as soon as we get all the documents. you know, i'm glad.

>> what are you missing? tell me what you're missing

>> first of all we're missing the list of 70 people that were interviewed in this so-called report. we're missing all the transcripts. not only of this interview with the governor but his interview with all 70 of the so-called witnesses. and i'd like to know for a report, first of all, i'm glad to hear mr. giuliani said it wasn't conclusive. it's the governor who is saying it's conclusive. and for a report that was supposed to be so conclusive, footnoted, et cetera , how did they know who broke up a personal relationship? that gratuitous sexist language in that report is infuriating, and anybody who put their name on that report should be ashamed of themselves.