Meet the Press   |  April 06, 2014

Search for Flight 370: The Latest Developments

NBC’s Ian Williams updates Meet the Press with the latest developments and a possible breakthrough in the ongoing search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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>> some big developments in the search for the black box from that flight 370. for the latest on the search, here's my colleague ian williams in perth, australia this morning. what have you learneded?

>> good morning. the search reached a new level of intensity today with ships and aircraft racing to a remote part of the indian ocean where a chinese vessel claims to have detected faint noises which it says are on the same frequency as those emitted by the black box flight recorder of flight 370. it says it heard those noises on friday and then again over a 90-second period on saturday. the australian agency which is overseeing this search said this it is an important lead, but it also urged caution. they said there may be other leads but it does need to be verified. so it's sending more sonar gear into that area. separately the australians said today the u.s. locator the device being dragged behind an australian ship also detected faint sounds this morning in an area 300 miles away from where the chinese are. so clearly, they can't be the same thing. this is a new stage of it the search. there is great urgency because the batteries on the black box are fast running out of power. but certainly, they are now chasing every lead they can, david.