Meet the Press   |  April 06, 2014

Mullen: We Need to look at Securing Our Bases

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says the recent shooting at Fort Hood is cause to look a further securing U.S. military bases for troops.

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>> that we have to address as a result of this incident. first and foremost, i just -- my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those that we've lost and the wounded as well as the family of the shooter. many, many are suffering, and i think as general millie said the other day, first and foremost we need to reach out to those families and make sure that they are supported. secondly, with respect to your question, i think we need to certainly take a look at securing our bases for our people. right now, in our 13th year of war, it's a time of great stress for our military. we've been through a lot. and as we come out of these wars and cop back home, i think just what i've seen in this particular example indicates the mix of characteristics and issues that are associated with that stress. to include anxiety and depression, possible post traumatic stress , mild tbi , dealing with financial and personal problems, i think our force because it's been away so much, has not had to deal with those as directly as they may have in the past. and now that we're going to be home more, i think we're going to see actually an increased number of challenges associated with that. we all need to wrap our arms around the force to help them deal with those.