Meet the Press   |  April 06, 2014

Mullen Doesn’t Want Shooting to Tarnish Vets' Reputations

Admiral Mike Mullen explains the importance of supporting U.S. troops after the return home from battle and how the Fort Hood shooting should not impact how the public views veterans.

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>> a national problem. we have been short of military help professionals in the military just as we are dramatically short throughout the country. we have to provide the resources and the research to get at these issues like post traumatic stress , mild tbi , we need to develop objective measures so that we can unequivocally state what the problem is. that's one thing. as we deal with our vets particularly those so many that are transitioning back into communities throughout the country, we need to focus local leadership on their future, which includes their health, their education, as well as employment. we also need to focus and include family members from beginning to end, whether it's mental health challenges or whether it's employment. our spouses and families our kids have been through a lot and they've been unbelievably supportive. this is a great military. and i wouldn't want one incident like this to tarnish the reputations of the hundreds of thousands of vets in our country who run businesses, who teach at schools, who coach little league teams, and who make a big difference in our community now and will for