Meet the Press   |  April 06, 2014

Mullen: ‘Very Worrisome Future’ After U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen explains the challenges that will be presented once the United States withdraws from Afghanistan.

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>> admiral, when you've been on this program numerous times in uniform when you were serving as chairman of the joint chiefs , we would talk about afghanistan . i don't want to let you go without covering this. it's an important weekend with elections in afghanistan . the post hamid karzai era. there's a striking new book by car lot at that time gall entitled "the wrong enemy." i want to read a portion that struck me and a foreboding sense of what's to come. she writes militant islamism is a juggernaut that cannot be turned off or turned away from. pakistan is still export militant terrorism and will not stop once foreign forces leave its borders. the repercussions of the u.s. pullout are already inspiring islamists who are comparing it to the withdrawal of the soviet union after zits ten-year war in afghanistan . they are the real enemy in this war and have not finished fighting. they fully intend to reclaim afghanistan and set their sights on horizons beyond." a pretty troubling picture. is that the future once u.s. forces leave afghanistan and that region in pakistan , as well?

>> i think it's very difficult to predict the future. none of us have been very good at it. certainly i would agree, it's an area of great concern and will continue to be because of the islamists, the militants that are there. i this i it's going to be the charge for the international community at large as well as the leadership in many both afghanistan and pakistan to address these issues. but it's a very worrisome future with respect to that particular area. i'm actually encouraged by the elections in terms of the turnout. that said, i'm -- i continue to be concerned about the overall effects of the government of afghanistan on its people because of the lack of addressing supporting them and corruption and those kinds of