Meet the Press   |  April 06, 2014

McCutcheon: I’m interested in Change for the Better

After winning a Supreme Court case this week, Alabama Businessman Shaun McCutcheon argues that the Court’s decision upholds free speech.

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>>> reality, right in the american democracy for sale? how do you have candidates in the future now going to the wealthiest donors in the country and saying i want an unlimited amount of pone? how does that is not at some-point lead to corruption?

>> again, i think this is an issue about independent private people exercising free speech and regardless of economic status, all americans are entitled to free speech . so this is a first amendment guaranteed right under the constitute. all americans are entitled to --

>> and the supreme court agreed with you in a 5-4 decision and upheld that. if you sit back as a citizen and say i want to be politically involved. if i'm a person of great means and i've got all these candidates saying i want an unlimited amount of money, do you not worry that leads to corruption?

>> i am a citizen. i'm interested in being involved in the process. i'm interested in change for the better. that's what motivated me to support candidates. and again, it's about your right to support as many candidates, committees and pacs you choose. it's a political activity. it's like robert said, it's the most fundamental right in this country is our right as the people to select our leaders.