MHP   |  March 23, 2013

Where there is hate, there is also love

Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Footsoldier” is Aaron Jackson, founder of Planning Peace, because of a very special paint job he did to the house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church.

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>>> our foot soldier this week is aaron jackson . he is the founder and president of the nonprofit organization planning peace. aaron 's group has been active around the world for eight years now opening orphanages in haiti and in india, planting trees in the rainforests of south america and launching a health program to help children in developing nations . for all these reasons aaron jackson could be a foot soldier, but the reason he caught our attention this week is because of this house . it may seem like a plain, unassuming house that could be anywhere in the country, but this house is in topeka, kansas, and has some infamous neighbors. across the street from this little house is the westboro baptist church . you know that group that's known for picketing military funerals with hateful signs attacking fallen gay soldiers. aaron decided to use westboro's tactics against them but not in a way that makes war, but rather in a way that generates peace. he bought that little house and decided to paint it in the rainbow colors of the gay pride flag , and dubbed it the equality house . the process has been in the works for about a year now from buying the house and planning and then finding the right day to rainbow coat it. the right day was this past deuce when professionals came in and painted the house in technicolor. the response from the ghunt has been overwhelmingly positive causing traffic jams on the small topeka street. gifts and kind words are delivered to aaron and his team worldwide. one neighbor told him he loves the house . not only because of the powerful message it sends but because he just finds it pretty. aaron 's goal is a simple one. to show the world that where there is hate, there is also love. aaron and planting peace intend to use the publicity and funds that they are receiving from this house to bolster existing anti-bullying campaigns and to eventually create their own anti-bullying initiatives. for showing us all the best way to fight hate is always with love and a little rainbow magic , aaron jackson is our foot soldier of the week. please go and reed our interview with aaron and check out our site at that's our show for today. i'll see you tomorrow to talk about the supreme court case, doma, and prop 8. all that on mph tomorrow. coming up "weekends with alex witt ."