MHP   |  December 01, 2013

New sentence to come in Alabama rape case

In today’s Footnote, Melissa Harris-Perry gives an update on the Alabama case where the rapist was found guilty but received no prison time in his sentence.

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>>> last week we introduced you to courtney andrews, the incredibly brave young woman who joined us after the man who raped her as a teenager was found guilty wbut received no prison time. courtney shared with us her outrage, pain, and hope for justice. even though austin smith clemme was quicked on three counts of rape, the judge sentenced him to a suspended sentence , two years in the county community corrections program designed for nonviolent offenders, along with six years of super vised probation. for courtney , the sentence brought no peace.

>> what do you need to feel safe?

>> i mean, for him to be in prison. i'm not going to feel safe other than that.

>> but right now we have a major update to the report. courtney called us this week with news in the case. that same county court has issued an order for austin smith clemme to be resentenced. that's right, the same judge filed an order in the circuit court in the alabama court of appeals . the case is now pending in front of the appellate court . you know we are going to continue to keep you posted on this story. and