MHP   |  January 05, 2014

A real 'Doc McStuffins' gets a tribute

Melissa Harris-Perry relays the news that the heretofore unnamed mother of popular Disney character "Doc McStuffins" will be named after real-life physician Dr. Myiesha Taylor.

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>>> for today's footnote, i have some breaking news. breaking doc mcstuffins news. if you're a regular viewer of nerdland or if you have young children in your home, you already know who doc mcstuffins is. she's the wildly popular disney character for preschoolers. she's a 6-year-old african- american girl with a stay-at-home dad and a mother for a doctor. little doc opens a clinic for her stuffed dolls and toys. nerdland loves doc. at the joint insistence of my daughter and executive producer, we featured mcstuffins as a foot soldier. it was the highlight of my year to have a one-on-one interview with the creator. one of our favorite guests is a founder of the artemis society, or as she's known around here, the real doc mcstuffins. we learned this week there was breaking doc mcstuffins news. it's about another real doc mcstuff ins. he's an emergency medical doctor . as of friday, january 10th , she will become the name sake of the heretofore unnamed mother of doc mcstuffins. she will now become dr. miesh amc stuffins. she said she's honored, saying, quote, it's not just me this cartoon represents. it's all of us that have been involved. all of us from the college, all of us in the artemis medical society. we all identify in the same way, with both characters, the little girl aspiring and now her mom. it's bigger than me. and the creator of doc m mcstuffins is also pretty thrilled about the news, telling us, quote, i love giving tribute names. it's an easy way to give a wink to the people who are important to us. no one is greeter friend of the show than dr. taylor. at first we were trying to find a great toy, but when the idea came, it seemed to perfect. by the way, it just rolls off the tongue. i think we have got to figure out a way of how to induct doc mcstuffins as an official member of