MHP   |  January 19, 2014

How informed are Americans on Iraq?

When’s the last time you read or heard about what's going on in Iraq?’s Meredith Clark goes on the streets of New York City to ask this very question.

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>>> just a little more than two years ago, the world watched as the last of the u.s. convoys left iraq . the departure may have signaled the end of the war for americans, but the violence, bombings, and shootings barely skipped a beat for iraqis. just yesterday, at least 30 people were killed in bombings and fighting across the country. these latest fatalities follow a series of car bombings in baghdad last week that left at least 21 people dead. in parts of the cities of ramadi and fallujah, where u.s. forces fought some of their bloodiest battles during the war are now being run by militants, according to iraqi security forces . as headlines and lead stories on the evening news about iraq have declined, we wondered how americans are staying informed of the continuing chaos abroad. so we sent's meredith clark to talk to a few of new york city 's tourists and locals to find out.

>> when was the last time you heard something about what's going on in iraq ?

>> the last time i heard something about going on in iraq has been some months now.

>> i think it's probably been a few months since i saw or heard anything related to a news story about what's going on iraq .

>> i do remember reading a story about the instability of the government in iraq . that's wafl what i remember.

>> the last time i saw something on the news for iraq was this morning. it was about -- it was getting out of control, as far as the bombings were concerned.

>> it has been a while since i heard something about what's going on in iraq .

>> when was the last time you heard about what was going on in iraq ?

>> it was on the news yesterday and the days before that as well.

>> it was in "newsday" today, just about the situation over there being unstable. people who had fought over there, sort of wondering what they had fought for.

>> the most recent story i read about iraq , which is about the recent blast that killed 47 people. i talk to my colleagues about what's happening in iraq every day. i mean, the concern is real, so, you can't stay off it. you can't keep your mind off it.

>> up next, more than ten years after the start of war in iraq , renewed debate over what was accomplished. so