MHP   |  January 26, 2014

MHP ‘saddened’ by how violent 2014 has been

Melissa Harris-Perry recounts all the school shootings that have already occurred in the short time since 2014 began. “2013 is the year we took no meaningful national, legislative action to curb gun violence. It appears 2014 is the year we will live, and die, with the consequences of that inaction,” she says.

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>>> as we wrap our last show in the first month of 2014 , i am saddened by just how violent this year has already been. there were 28 shootings or threatened shootings at schools in all of last year, but this month, there have already been seven. seven shootings in the first 14 days of school. a shooting every other day. shootings that led to hospitalizations and death of young people from 12 to 21. in wakefield elementary school in turlock, california. in delaware valley charter school in philadelphia. near albany high school in georgia. in berendo middle school in new mexico. at south carolina state university in orangeburg, south carolina . at widener university in pennsylvania. at purdue university in indiana. shootings are down in new york city , but the city still has seen 58 incidents in the first 23 days of 2014 . philadelphia was already numbering 22 murders on the 20th of this month, more murders than days in the year. chicago has had at least 41 shooting deaths this year. detroit, at least 38 shootings. some fatal. there have been shootings in a supermarket, in a barbershop, in a movie theater . and then yesterday, the latest. a shooting at a mall in columbia, maryland, left three people dead. the 19-year-old gunman killing two employees at a skate shop before apparently shooting himself. police don't yet know the motive. 2013 is the year we took no meaningful national legislative action to curb gun violence. and it appears that 2014 is the year that we will live and die with the consequences of that inaction. that's