MHP   |  February 02, 2014

The Super Bowl ad MHP can’t wait to see

One Super Bowl commercial this year for GoldieBlox will show girls that they can shatter stereotypes and define their own playbooks at the same time.

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>>> millions of football fans across the country will tune in tonight to watch the seattle seahawks and the denver broncos compete to take home the lombardi trophy . and plenty of non- football fans will tune in as well to watch, some of them exclusively to watch the commercials. as one of the most-watched and highest rated television events, super bowl is a coveted spot for advertisers who pay around $4 million for a 30-second ad. advertisers make commercials that target their audience, and for the championship of a sport known for its hypermasculinithypermasculin ity, those commercials often draw on gendered stereotypes to promote their products. but one commercial during this year's game is going to do something very different. it will aim to inspire girls to become interested in engineers and problem-solving. debbie sterling was our foot soldier back in july, created a toy to encourage kids to follow along with the main character , goldie, by building simple machines and learning simple new jerseying concepts. goldieblocks was one of 15,000 small businesses that have been competing since last summer in the big game contest. for a 30-second advertisement spot at the super bowl . debbie says the commercial will focus on the message that is behind her company, empowering girls. tonight, to one of the television's biggest audiences, goldieblocks will show girls that they can shatter stereotypes and define their own playbooks.