MHP   |  February 09, 2014

Reviewing 'Parker’s Book'

Melissa Harris-Perry shares entries from “Parker’s Book,” a sketchbook signed by #nerdland guests to MHP’s daughter Parker.

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>>> step of the way. anniversary of the launch of the mhp show and it's our second opportunity to bring you a review of parker 's book. now, parker 's book is a sketchbook you see on our table. it belongs to my 12-year-old daughter. she asks me to have every guest on the show sign a little note. now it's become the record of nerdland. we take a peek behind the cover to see what kind of messages she's been getting. here are a few of our favorites. parker , the embodiment of black girl genius, wishing for you a world that allows you to be utterly yours and fully yourself. hi, parker . i'm a hooj fan of yours, loved your segment. you rock.

>> come to the washington cap capit capitol.

>> for parker . that was by amazing author and illustrator sandra boynton .

>> parker , can't wait to see you leave your mark. always shiechblt super bowl xlvii champs.

>> parker you are gone with the wind fabulous xo from kendra more from the real housewives of atlanta, season 5.

>> parker , i hope to meet you some day and if you don't know what engineering is, check it out, xoxo. debra sterling is the founder of goldibl goldiblox.

>> to parker , always be beautiful inside and outside, love and kisses from sybrina fulton, trayvon martin's mom.

>> stand up straight. listen to your mama. love miss j. alexander .

>> deer parker , dream, imagine, and don't lehtonen say you can't. diane ravage. from the poet nikki giovany may the bicycles be on a smooth road on your way to utopia. to parker keep your mom in peace, she needs you. peace, harry belafonte . it's been quite an adventure so far. thanks for contributing online and thank you for telling us about foot soldiers in your community. thank you for sharing in this wild wonderful journey we're on. i said it last year and i'll say it again. there's still a page in here for you,