Morning Joe   |  April 12, 2013

Gregory: Congress needs to ‘overcome obstacles,’ start making achievements

Meet the Press moderator David Gregory says “fighting against misinformation” on entitlement reforms and gun legislations on both sides of the aisles often prevents issues from getting fixed. Bloomberg View’s Margaret Carlson talks about “sensible solutions” and “means testing” as a response to the  war over entitlement cuts.

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>> what greg walden ? he steps out yesterday and sounding like a liberal. change cpi is bad and throw grandee off the street. he caught it from all sides.

>> really did. you know, it would be interesting to sort of demagogue social security . that is reliable, right? that is what you go for. it's going to be fascinating to see. obama is really getting it from every side on his budget proposals and on that in particular. a lot of people -- a lot of progressives are not happy with that move.

>> i tell you what, it's a really james carville , it's a really challenge for the republican party . they demagogued medicare in 2010 . you guys demagogued in 1996 with medi-scare and see if we can get beyond these games.

>> you have to remember these programs are awfully proper and for a reason, okay? they are very, very effective. and when people have been through a recession and been through all kind of stuff and really been hit. i guess in some point, i understand people want to do something like that but i don't think they want you to be very enthusiastic about it and it seems like somebody is too happy about this and there is going to be a push back and push back here. you got to remember, it's demagoguing if you want to call it that but the programs are popular for a reason.

>> let's go to washington with david gregory of "meet the press."

>> what james is just saying is, obviously, so true and part of it is fighting against misinformation because here you have it when it comes to entitlement reforms on both sides of the aisle, and even this gun legislation, you know, you've been talking to senator manchin and toomey and others who are behind the background check bill. they have just spending most of their time trying to clear the air with people who say, oh, you're just going to create a national registry with this bill which they are not going to do. they got to overcome so many obstacles people saying you can't do this because it will create a national registry or it's just a slippery slope . that is essentially what they have to overcome with a lot of people who are looking at all of this. look. i think on, you know, the education campaign that will have to go on the president to ultimately prevail on social security and only in his own party. elements have to go out and campaign for it.

>> margaret carlson at the end of the day it's easier to demagogue social security and medicare than talk about saving the programs.

>> well, you know, you brought up common sense earlier. you know, if you look at medicare and you look at gun control , you can explain to people some sensible solutions that if they are informed, they say, oh, yeah, i get that. it's like smoking on an airplane. can you imagine? you had to change the way people live? why would you breathe smoke for three hours in a metal tube? on mashedicare, means testing , people understand that. you want it to survive. for instance shouldn't you pay more for your medicare when you get there which is a long way, away, joe, since you just turned 50?

>> phil griffin only pays me $28 million a year to do this.

>> you have a long time to get there before you save up and be one of those people who get means tested .

>> i get free tickets to the soccer game.

>> you get as much coffee as you want.

>> i get as much coffee as i want from starbucks but i get your point.

>> can i show you what we get here in washington?

>> what is that?

>> do you see this little plastic cup of water? we don't even get your nice starbucks here.

>> the problem is that is coming straight out of my salary, margaret carlson .

>> and it cost you a fortune.

>> it does but i get your point. david gregory , at the end of the day , what happens on the gun legislation? it looks like it's going get through the senate but is james carville right? is it just going to die a gruesome legislative death in the house?

>> i was talking to democrats in the house yesterday who said you have the prospect of something starting weaker in the house and stronger in the senate but here it's the opposite and does it start relatively strong in the senate and weaker in the house? that is, obviously, the fear. i don't think it's a sure thing in the senate at this point. they are somewhat encouraged by the votes they got to let the debate begin. but there is a lot of questions about just where the gun lobby is right now. one supporter saying that the nra is getting tea partied by other elements of the gun lobby . and that is why they may ultimately score the bill or keep track of how senators vote. so they have got some work to do on this. and i still think it's going to be difficult. and then, you know, it gets to the house and, you know, i think more difficult still. so certainly a long way to go. but the emotion of this week, the vice president doing what did he with you yesterday, the newtown families, it's certainly having an impact.

>> who do you have on "meet the press" this weekend, david? marco rubio to talk about moving forward on immigration as well as the budget. and foreign affairs .

>> fantastic. as always, we look forward to it. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." thank you. margaret, thank you as well for being with us.

>> thanks, joe.

>> you can take as your departing gift that plastic cup of water!