Morning Joe   |  May 07, 2013

Brzezinski: I'm proud of Chris Christie over lap-band surgery

Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski discusses reports that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie underwent lap-band stomach surgery.

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>>> welcome back to " morning joe ," we're going to take a look at the morning papers in a second. but i think we can confirm the new york post was talking about it.

>> yeah, this happened a while back and i'm so proud of my friend for his kids, for his family, for his own health.

>> we just talked to governor christie.

>> he did it.

>> lap band surgery and it was a while back, he's fine. and a lot of people who struggle with obesity turn to this as an answer. and it's really -- it does work. it's an extreme choice, but sometimes it has to be made. and i know that my co-author who helped me with the book, collaborate diane smith was thinking about it and did measures literally, she was at one point 256 pounds, took measures with doctors that were literally the last step before this surgery.

>> yeah.

>> and it's a big decision. i'm glad he did it.

>> it is a big decision. what you always say when you talk about this and people will talk about oh, it's just a lack of discipline. you always point to chris christie and say, hold on a second, you've got this guy that took on somebody worth $100 million in a blue state , he won, he's the most popular republican governor in america in a blue state , he works around the clock, he's turned that state upside down. do you think this guy likes discipline? and everybody says, well, i heard you yesterday on the "today" show, he's an extraordinarily disciplined person, and sometimes as i think it was tamron hall who said it, sometimes odds are just stacked against you in such a way you have to make dramatic steps like governor christie.

>> and i'll have to tell you, this surgery for anybody who has judgment about it and thinks, oh, it's just an easy out, this surgery's hard. it's not easy. it's painful, it involves a great amount of discipline before and after. i'm not even sure how he did this while -- it actually feeds into the point you were just making.

>> he's a tough, hard charging guy.

>> it says in the book, mika, he says to you, people think i don't know, i spend hours in the gym.

>> he tried everything.

>> he tried everything. and, you're right about the point that was made by tamron on the "today" show that the odds are stacked against americans and that's what we talk to and sort of solve it in the book how we move forward. a realistic way to move forward when the odds are stacked against most americans and we have an epidemic.