Morning Joe   |  August 19, 2013

New info reviewed in Princess Diana’s death

The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown joins Morning Joe to discuss the new details emerging about Princess Diana’s death.

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>>> welcome back to " morning joe ." a beautiful view of new york city . it is 7:00 and with us, sam stein and thomas roberts still on set. joining us from washington, nbc news chief white house correspondent and political director and host of "the daily rundown" chuck todd . here on ed seth tina, also the author "the diana chronicles" and my gosh, what the hell is going on. the british police are examining new information related to the death of princess diana and she died, of course, tragically in the car accident in 1997 and nbc's mandy clark is reporting this.

>> controversy surrounded princess diana 's death on august 31st , 1997 . nearly 16 years ago and still grabs the headlines dramatic new claims splashed across the british papers. allegations that diana and her boyfriend dodie al fayed were murdered by a soldier a member of britain's elite special forces . the information was reportedly brought forward by family members of another soldier and passed on to police. scotland yard confirmed it received the new tip and assessing its relevance and credibility and stressed it has not reopened the investigation. skeptics question the claims and the timing.

>> every year, at the time of the anniversary of princess diana 's death, there seems to be fresh allegations that resurface, new revelations about how she was so-called murdered. the problem is there's no evidence.

>> reporter: meanwhile, prince harry is back after spending last week in angola visiting land mine clearing projects, walking in his mother's footsteps. his way of carrying on her charity work , perhaps her greatest legacy. princess diana visited the country in 1997 . the iconic images of her wearing protective gear in a mine field drew attention to the suffering caused by land mines . one of her last big charity trips before her sudden death . conspiracy theories have continually surrounded the deaths of the princess and her boyfriend but repeated investigations have been consistent. that their driver was drunk when he lost control of the car and hit a cement pillar in a paris underpass at 80 miles per hour while trying to loses the chasing paparazzi.

>> tina brown , conspiracy theories surrounding everything. i was trying to convince my son this weekend that neil armstrong walked on the moon. they continue. you know, when you read this over the wire or breaking this weekend, scotland yard is actually taking it seriously?

>> the only interesting part is this for the first time isn't coming from the crazed vengeful quarter of mohammed al fayed , dodi 's father who kept the inquest going.

>> and always suggested they had been killed.

>> it was a hit by prince philip , ordered by prince philip which was such a bizarre idea prince philip would order this hit. it will be blown up. one of the things that amazes me is how the same things keep coming in. the grassy noll craziness all over again. the flash theory the idea that this sas soldier, you know, disguised as a paparazzi could have flashed a strobe light into the eyes of the driver. the fact is that operation pageant which was, you know, overseen by lord stevens of scotland yard when i was researching the book i spent time with, he created this whole kind of laser computer reconstruction of this car crash . the fact is henri paul the driver lost control of that car before he got into the tunnel and he lost control because he had mixed six drinks that french love so much with triapid and prozac and he was drunk, although didn't look drunk or buzzed, not fully in control of his senses, he careened into this tunnel at 75 miles an hour, a tunnel which had already 15 deaths in the last few years, and a fear came up this right-hand side. he swerved to avoid the fiat. ricocheted on to one pillar and the next and then crashed into the 13th pillar in the tunnel and crashed the car. now one of the things that is interesting, of course, was the fiat, the car, where was it? nobody could find this. in my investigations in the book the fiat they did find the owner. he turned out to be a vietnam -- vietnamese immigrant. the reason he didn't come forward he didn't want to get mixed up in any leaving the scene of the crime . didn't want to be mixed up. he repainted his car and disappeared. he wasn't a sinister figure.

>> that's what he wants you to believe.

>> that's what he wants you to believe.

>> what about on the back end of ambulances not getting there quickly, ambulance then pulls over on the side of the road carrying princess diana and waits to go to the hospital that's farther away than the closest hospital to the scene in all of those --

>> that was also absolutely medically correct. the ambulance was having to crawl because she was undergoing all this incredibly delicate procedure in the ambulance trying to stabilize her. if they had gone faster she would have died. they also were trying to get to the hospital which had all the equipment they needed to get her rescued. if they had gone to the nearer hospital they didn't have that equipment, those doctors. so they were trying to get her to the place where she had maximum, you know, ability to be saved.

>> my other question, how did prince philip get to you?

>> you know prince philip paid her off.

>> you have to think the queen and prince philip are saying, exterminate her. it is bizarre. the truth is, it was a tragic series of hideous small things and for it to be a murder, all kinds of crazy variables would have had to be true. nobody knew henri paul was going to take that route to her apartment. nobody knew that she was going to have a drunk driver . no one knew he was going to have that driver. he was dodi 's chauffeur, a last-minute decision.

>> perfect storm.

>> so last minute there was no way that murder could have --

>> the lesson don't drink six cocktails and drink prozac before you drive.

>> or get into a car with someone. she wasn't wearing a seat belt . she wouldn't have died had she been wearing a seat belt . the bodyguard was wearing a seat belt . he buckled up himself but dodi and diana weren't wearing seat belts . dodi died instantly and diana died shortly afterwards.

>> all right. all right. you just do wonder why scotland yard even gave this any oxygen.

>> i think maybe because they're so anxious for it to not look any -- there's any sort of repression of a theory they probably say they're having to look too it. looking into it is not reopening the inquiry.

>> right.