Morning Joe   |  August 26, 2013

Brzezinski: Miley Cyrus' VMA dance 'really, really disturbing'

Singer Miley Cyrus has caused quite a stir with her dance moves at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, which were held on Sunday, August 25, 2013 in Brooklyn, New York City.  Cyrus did a sexually suggestive dance with singer Robin Thicke during his hit song "Blurred Lines." The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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>> that's not a happy clap.

>> all right.

>> that's a hey, what's wrong with you, trjt j.?

>> good morning, everyone.

>> we have kids watching the show, getting ready for school. you could have shown bob schieffer interviewing chuck grassley .

>> i'm sure --

>> right?

>> now that's sexy.

>> the kids.

>> ashton kutcher said on the video now viral now that's sexy.

>> i thought i was glad i was back from vacation.

>> no.

>> it's monday, august 26th welcome to " morning joe ."

>> what was that.

>> we have richard haas author of "foreign policy begins at home".

>> t.j. wants to know what you think about that?

>> yeah.

>> white house correspondent for bloomberg news and bloomberg tv juliana goldman, welcome.

>> we're sorry that it started that way.

>> the way it starts.

>> wearing blinds already.

>> exactly.

>> and in washington, senior political editor and white house correspondent for "the huffington post " sam stein.

>> who is actually was going to be there, but not old enough yet. next year. sam stein.

>> he got carded.

>> i wouldn't make a joke of it actually. i think that was really, really disturbing. that young lady who is 20, is obviously deeply troubled, deeply disturbed , clearly has confidence issues, eating disorder and i don't think anybody should have put her on stage. that was disgusting and embarrassing.

>> i've been around the track a few times, i have two older boys.

>> they don't think that's attractive, miley.

>> so anyway --

>> nobody does, actually.

>> if i could finish what i'm going to say.

>> sorry.

>> the point you're going to make what is i just said. that was not attractive. that was not fun. that was not funny. that was really, really bad for anybody who's younger and impressionable and she's really messed up.

>> of course she's messed up. here's the problem --

>> they should be ashamed of themselves.

>> the problem is, i remember -- i was talking about this last week, when, of course, the kids always want to know what i think about performers on these type of award shows and ashton cupper in, sam , you know it's true, what does joe think about whatever --

>> exactly.

>> and willie and i sometimes just smoke away, we're pinball wizards . so i was talking about this ashton kutcher thing being a great pushback over the american culture . brittney spears must have been '98, '99, she came out, slithered on the floor of the awards.

>> had that big snake.

>> i'm a grown guy. didn't shock me. but i had like a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year-old boy that were there to watch like n'sync or the backstreet boys or something like that, and that's a real disgrace about this. mtv knows the people watching these shows are tweeners and the sexualization for pre-teen girls and you're going to see it, i'm going to see it, the sexualization, it had a horrible impact, not to go on too long here.

>> no, this is important, actually.

>> when my boys were in middle school , i cannot tell you the shocking things that middle school girls talked about doing, described doing, having clubs doing, they had bracelets, i mean it was one crisis after another. because they saw this on tv all the time. so ashton kutcher , we have we'll show a clip later on, it was a great, great talk, and then you have something like this last night where again, come on, we're all grownups, we've all seen a lot worse, but it's our kids that are watching.

>> the whole thing was cinch worthy but i feel bad for her. she is a mess. someone needs to take care of her. someone needs not to put her on stage and make a complete fool of herself and you were saying about the age of the man on --

>> wait. do i want to see her? t.j., stop. come on. t.j. keeps asking do we want to see it again.

>> it happened last fight. i figured --

>> we're done.

>> this is where we're not going to actually talk about something in a negative way to actually show it. we're not going to show it. i don't want to see that ever again on this show.

>> you know what happens with these performers whether it's her, brittney, christina aguilera , they're disney kids and then go to over correct to make a statement at the big event, i'm not a little girl anymore. that was such an over correction. the guy she was on stage --

>> robin think.

>> who's getting six.

>> he's 36 years old. what is he doing simulating sex with a 20-year-old girl in her underwear. i feel like an old man saying all this but it was over the top .

>> can i --

>> beyonce think.

>> oh, my gosh. the whole thing is bad.

>> yeah.

>> sam stein, you're laughing, but like you're 20 years old.

>> i'm not laughing. i'm just --

>> pa donna simulating sex with you on " morning joe ." look at will smith 's family.

>> i'm not laughing. i'm just surprised because we have richard haas here and he's like a long-time expert on this type of thing. we brought him on to discuss this and he hasn't chimed in.

>> richard has daughters and i'm sure you have an opinion. go back and look at will smith 's family again.

>> that is a great shot.

>> that's it right there. because that's really what it looked like to people. i mean --

>> it was desperate.

>> pathetic.

>> desperate.

>> it's desperate.

>> sick. she's clearly disturbed she feeds to do that.

>> it is the coarsening of america.

>> if i can be honest after having studied this for a lot of reasons she