msnbc News   |  May 04, 2010

Gulf fishing restricted, livelihoods threatened

6800 square miles of federal waters have been closed to fishing in the Gulf to fishing due to the widening oil spill, threatening a $3 billion Louisiana industry and hundreds of fishers. Cnbc's Darren Rovell reports.

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>>> right now on msnbc, bobby jindal just wrapped up his news conference, updating reporters on the oil slick creeping its way toward that gulf coast state. he says they are setting up primary lines of defense along the louisiana coastline in areas vulnerable to the oil and that the state is going to do everything it can to protect the coast and that's it's not going to wait for the ka value from the federal government . 6800 square miles of federal waters now are closed to fishing and from the mouth of the mississippi river to florida's pensacola bay , you're looking at real problems for the industry. louisiana has a $3 billion seafood industry. that's what darren rovell is here to talk about. dylan -- darren, what are you already talking about in terms of how consumer prices could be affected by this oil slick ?

>> well, right now, we're told that there's not really an affect in the prices. one of the reasons is there's the national restaurant association says that 75% of louisiana 's catch is in beds west of mississippi , outside the range of the oil slick at this point and darden restaurants ,a?? which owns red lobster , tells us a lot of the deep water fish they have is closer to florida and outside the range. so right now, it's good news, but might be too early to tell.

>> keeping our eye on it. thanks a lot.

>>> taking a look at key