msnbc News   |  May 31, 2010

Israeli forces raid Gaza-bound flotilla

After the Israeli navy boarded ships taking relief supplies to the Gaza strip, skirmishes leave 10 dead and reports of 30 wounded, prompting Israel's Prime Minister to cancel a meeting with President Obama.

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>>> middle east , we're learning that israeli h prime minister netanyahu is now canceling a scheduled white house visit with president obama this week to deal with a crisis in the gaza strip . is th this is a big deal because remember that netanyahu had cancelled a trip earlier. white house chief of staff rahm emanuel was in the region on personal reasons, a bar mihe delivered a personal invitation to come meet with the president. that was scheduled for tomorrow at the white house . a key meeting. and then we are just learning that the prime minister has canceled that trip. he's actually in canada, he'll be returning to israel to deal with this situation. what happened is that this flotilla carrying relief flies to the blockaded gaza strip was raided by the israeli navy today leaving at least ten people dead and up to 30 wounded. we now here the palestinian president is calling it a massacre and scheduled to be at the white house next week. the israelis say that the ship was carrying weapons bound for terrorist groupses in the gaza strip . so very controversial. u.n. is meeting about this .h this is a huge deal. and