msnbc News   |  August 01, 2010

Concern over oil-dispersants used in Gulf

Government documents show the use of chemical dispersants to combat the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill was rubber stamped. NBC's Michelle Franzen reports.

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>> of disburse ants used to break up the oil in the gulf of mexico . michelle franzen is live for us in venice, louisiana with the details. a good sunday morning to you. what are the investigators saying about the disbursents.

>> the investigation is under way, looking at documentation way back from june. you might remember the epa handed out a directive saying that the disburse ants, the chemicals used on the surface of the water and below to break up the oil should only be used in air a currencies. there is criticism this morning and over the weekend from the representative who sent a letter to the commander criticizing the coast guard for what he calls rubber stamping bp's use on the surface and "the washington post " certainly defends the commander's use of that saying and even the epa said following the directive, the peak use dropped by more than 70%.

>> okay. how about the busted well in the attempts to seal that up? when is that supposed to happen?

>> today they are working on removing sediment from the relief well caused by tropical storm bonnie . that should last either into tonight or tomorrow. then they get started on the static kill that is the first part of what could be the permanent solution. they will be pumping cement and mud back down to the temporary cap. if all goes well with that, they will start on a same procedure with the bottom kill that relief well and that could permanently plug the leak sometime in mid-august to late august.