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Carolyn Kaster / AP

msnbc News   |  November 02, 2010

Pa. senate race comes in focus

NBC's Ron Allen takes a looks at the hot senate race in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

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>>> republicans trying to take back arlen specter 's old senate seat and they feel good about winning that governor's race. nbc's ron allen is in his namesake town, allentown, pennsylvania. they like the idea of winning the governorship and senate seat and making picking up five house seats.

>> exactly. it's a big night here for the republicans, at least they expect that. the latest poll in the senate race, though, is very close. the local paper here, the " morning call " had a call that is especially a dead heat that puts pat toomey at 25% and that's about as close as they've been. most of the polls have toomey out in front and we were out there with him this morning out in allentown and the lehigh valley where away from pittsburgh and philadelphia the two big population centers and the two big cities and that's where joe sussic is today pounding the pavement in west philadelphia and north philadelphia trying to get a big voter turnout because that's basically what he needs to win. get all those voters that came out back in 2008 to come out for him. so far not a lot of enthusiasm for that. that's why we had michelle obama here last night at the university of pennsylvania and the president here over the weekend and bill clinton here before that. again, it seems like pat toomey 's race to lose. he's a no nonsense, button down, harvard wall street kind of guy and creating more jobs out here in places like the lehigh valley , back to you guys.

>> thanks, ron allen . that is easy to remember tonight, ron,