msnbc News   |  December 27, 2010

What to do when you're stranded

Travelocity Senior Travel Editor Genevieve Shaw Brown shares tips for travelers dealing with the backlog of canceled flights.

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>>> airports in new york predict they'll fly this afternoon. the flights were already packed. an exercise in patience trying to clear the backlog. genevieve shaw brown a senior travel editor at travelocity. for the folks who already have flights scheduled for, say, this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow morning , let's talk about them first. are they getting bumped to accommodate for the people who were --

>> no. that's not how it works. everyone who has been stranded, who's flights have been cancelled and delayed they need to now fit into any available seats on those flights. so for people scheduled to fly out tonight, tomorrow if you check your website, scheduled to go on time, check in 24 hours before your flight to secure your seat assignment, because the airline will give it away to a strnlded passenger if you don't secure it early enough. it's the passengers waiting, that will be waiting a long time.

>> they say the airlines, ifs weather, we're not required to do anything for you, but you're talking now, some of these people could have been stuck in new york city for days on end. which if they could get an empty hotel room , it's going to cost them an arm and leg. what happens at this point?

>> they kind of have to suck it up and pay for it. airlines are not responsible for things out of their control. if this was a mechanical delay, something wrong with the plane, yes, obligated. that's not the case. not sought say the airlines won't help these people. it's just to their discretion at this point. the best advice i can give people, don't go to the airports now. there's little you can accomplish at the airport you can't accomplish from the comfort of your home or hotel maybe.

>> so what's the best add jis should people at this point start looking at airports around the region where they are?

>> definitely. be as flexible as can you. scheduled to fly into new york and you're not getting to new york , no available seats, want to look at flying to philadelphia. which is having significant deep lays but maybe a possibility. boston, faa website, last 15 minutes .

>> the train service in washington, d.c., up and running between washington and new york .

>> exactly. some good news. amtrak this morning, reinstated some service between new york and boston. it's limited but better than yesterday. people traveling by bus around the northeast not good news. suspended service all day.