msnbc News   |  December 29, 2010

No servants for William and Kate

According to reports, Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton are saying, “Thanks, but no thanks” to butlers, servants and staff. NBC’s Jenny Wivell reports.

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>>> prince william and kate middleton say thinks, but no thanks, to butlers, servants and staff. the couple says they're going to do the cooking and the cleaning and the housework all on their own once they're married. jen jenny wibble is in london. why is it such a big deal with the royals to start off married life like that?

>> well, i guess the reason it's such a big deal is because they are the royal family . you would expect them to have staff. and everyone before them has had staff. so, i mean, i can't believe they'll even do without a cleaner. you'd expect them to at least have that. they're actually going to not have any live-in staff. so no butler, no chef, no valet. they'll have to keep their security staff on site 24/7. these shocking revelations have come from a british newspaper which claims to have been tipped off by a senior royal source. however, it's already quite well-known that prince william has been choosing to do his own shopping, his own cooking, ever since he's been working as a search and rescue pilot.

>> why? we just had the banner up showing that his dad had 149 staff members, about 25 are personal staff. why would you choose to have no help when you could have help? if they don't want the butler, send him my way. i'll take a butler.

>> well, that's fair enough. i don't really know why they've chosen to do it, but that's the suggestion that they're a very private cupel and they want to retain their privacy. the reason that they are a very private couple. you know, they really cherish those moments together. kate hasn't had the same upbringing that william has had. she obviously has had a much more normal upbringing and wouldn't be used to the staff that he had in the early days. and perhaps as well, there's also the suggestion that diana got burned a little bit by having those personal staff, which some of them, including her butler, actually sold their story in the end. so maybe he's learning a few lessons from the past.

>> right. fewer people around to kiss and tell, so to speak. jenny, thank you. appreciate it.