msnbc News   |  June 21, 2011

Mark Kelly to retire from NASA

in a Facebook posting, astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of injured Az. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, announces that he will resign from NASA, effective Oct. 1. Msnbc's Thomas Roberts reports.

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>>> made this announcement on facebook. his retirement from the space shuttle program . he wrote, "i am humbled to announce that i am retiring from the united states navy and leaving ? nasa ." he says that his wife, congress member gabrielle giffords is working very hard on her recovery. i want to be by her side. the navy and nasa will allow me to be with her. i love them all very much and we will move forward together as a family. after time off, i will look at new opportunities. i am hopeful that i will serve our country. again, commander mark kelly making the announcement he is retiring from the u.s. navy and nasa coming up immediately on october 1st .

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