msnbc News   |  December 05, 2011

Gingrich meets with Trump in N.Y.

Donald Trump suggested creating an apprentice program for young children following a meeting with Newt Gingrich in New York.

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>>> is following the front-runner script to the letter. step one, make a splash in iowa and new hampshire. step two, get the donald on your side. they met ahead of the gop debate that will be moderated by none other than the donald himself.

>> 100% americans and i think that the issue is food stamps versus paychecks. every state in the country will be in play and i intend to run as the paycheck candidate. i'm delighted to be here. in addition, meeting with donald trump as you know, i've been making the -- we need to work very hard to help poor children in poor neighborhoods acquire opportunities to work and i have asked him to take one of the poorer schools in new york and basically offer at least ten apprenticeships to kids from that school to get them into the world of work and get them into an opportunity to earn money and get them into the habit of showing up and realizing that effort gets rewarded and that america is all about the worketh ib. we had a great conversation about it. i'm a big fan of his. he was in the last movie shall the city upon a hill . did a great job. let me just say, he's been -- i'll let donald trump tell you himself.

>> well, it was a great honor to have newt up here. it's amazing how well he's doing. and how it's really resonated with so many people. he did mention if i could do something for some of the kids in very, very poor schools throughout the city, i thought it was a great idea. we call it an apprenticeship and we all know about the apprentice. we're going to be picking ten young wonderful children and we're going to make them apprentic apprentices. we're going to have fun with it. it will be something that will prove results. i thought it was a great idea. it was newt's idea.

>> the possibility of still running for the white house . how can you do that and debate in iowa --

>> the debate is december 27th . i'm looking to endorse somebody after that debate. i'm not looking at anything. if the wrong person gets in,that's different. i'm not looking for the wrong person. i don't think the wrong person will be chosen.

>> there we have it. the donald there talking about the fact that news max debate on december 27th . the only two people who signed on to that are the man to his left, newt gingrich to meet donald trump as well as rick santorum . two people declined, jon huntsman and