msnbc News   |  July 28, 2012

Queen appears in Olympics skit

London is still buzzing after last night's opening ceremony at the Olympics which included an appearance by Queen Elizabeth II. NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> london is buzzing about last night's opening ceremony , more than 80,000 spectators and 10,000 athletes packed the olympic stadium , including the queen there. this morning's newspaper splashed images of the dazzling ceremony on the front pages. many britains called it the greatest show on earth . that was particularly spectacular when those golden olympic rings .

>>> queen elizabeth is taking an active role, she appeared in a video with daniel craig before her body doubles parachuted into the stadium. nbc kevin tibbles is live with more. if you would have heard me laughing at the tv when that happened. i thought that was hysterical. she's got a good sense of humor.

>> reporter: first off, alex, i'm going to fire my personal trainer and my tailor after the way daniel craig walked in like that last night. they have a bit of an identity problem with the royal family . a lot of people have been so down on them over the past few years. but the royal family and the olympics and way things are taking place here, it really appears as if they are having a real renaissance in the public's eye with her jubilee just a few months ago and now the olympic games . she was everywhere last night. she stayed until the very end. must have gotten home quite late because everyone else did when it was all over. first thing this morning, here she is going up the tower behind me here, the orbit, which it's called, i've heard it called a few other things, some of them i can't say on television. another name is a squished up roller coaster, whatever it is, it is a signature start of sculpt stur at the event. the same guy who made the eye or mo mo mo moonscape in chicago. it's true that the royal family was out in force last evening. they seem to be enjoying themselves and i think that britton bri bri brittons are enjoying seeing their queen. she's going to the swimming venue. the athletes village just behind me here as well and she's going to be moving around.

>> she is remarkable, her stamina puts us considerably younger to shame i must say. what about food? people have asked me about what's going on with food there? any kind of food interesting things that americans are being talking about?

>> well, there's a lot. the english eat all kinds of wonderful and bizarre and strange things. i'll start first with the athletes village. they serve between 35 and 40,000 meals a day in there and you can get everything for every sort of ethnic diet, religious diet and the kids are all in there enjoying that. when you get outside of the park, that is when you have to go hard core into the british world, things like participated april cornish pasty or chip but ty, a sandwich made with french fries in the middle and you squish it like that and that's how you end up not looking like daniel craig .

>> have you tried marmite, if you haven't, stay away?

>> reporter: marmite is disgusting but i enjoy twiglet, like a pretzel like concoction that is covered in marmite, it's kind of salty also and kind of gross but they seem to like that.

>> thanks for sharing, people haven't