msnbc News   |  October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy threatens East Coast

The Weather Channel's Bryan Norcross discusses two scenarios for Hurricane Sandy, each of which will bring heavy rain and winds, coastal flooding and probable power outages.

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>> hurricane sandy is threatening the east coast with the potential of major impact on the northeast beginning late in the weekend and into next week. early this morning sandy slammed into southeastern cuba. today, as a category 2 storm and in parts of florida a tropical storm warning with wind gusts 35 to 40 miles an hour. b b joining me now hurricane expert bryan norcross . tell us about the storm. two secenario, both as i understand would make landfall some point in the u.s. yeah, coming into some kind of agreement, unfortunately, andrea, and it does not look good in terms of the agreement. let me get to that in a second. where the storm is now, it's down here in the southern bahamas right there and heading north and going to move past the bahamas. 105 mile an hour hurricane forecast to move off the east coast with fringe effects through florida, up into the carolinas. then we get to late in the weekend. here's sunday, it's off cape hatteras and now moving up and notice that depending on what forecast you're look agent here, this is a wide area, but it's showing the storm turning to the left and coming ashore. this would be, as far as we can see in the record books unprecedented and a worst-case scenario to have a storm come off the ocean and veer inland like that. let me show you why. i'm going to show you a computer model that we look at. this is the european model that brings the storm ashore noon on monday and bring as shore here. there's new jersey, tip of new jersey, cape may . it's pushing wind and water into that corner between new jersey and long island and all of those discussions we had during hurricane irene about flooding in lower manhattan and damage on long island jersey shore come in to play. farther north talking about new england. in any case effects over the entire northeast part of the u.s. this is going to be just a high-profile, high-threat event, it looks like that we're talking about well into next week. and we really need to be paying close attention, because this is unprecedented, as best we can tell.

>> bryan norcross , not such good news. very worrying. thanks for your expertise.