msnbc News   |  December 13, 2012

LGBT activist to run Brooklyn Bridge in stilettos

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts talks to Jacob Tobia, LGBT Activist and Duke University student about why he’s putting on heels and running across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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>> city in october, a four foot storm surge gushed into lower manhattan and through the doors of the city's leading shelter for lgbt homeless youth . that flooding utterly destroyed the drop-in site and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. the center is now struggling to get back on its feet, and one young man is offering financial heeling by putting on heels.

>> i'm going to run across the brooklyn bridge in high heels . why would i go and do a crazy thing like that? because lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender homeless youth need our help.

>> duke university student and lgbt activist jacob duvigh. your personal story is tied to this. however, you had a much more positive experience in coming out. why did you want to do this type of stunt for the alex vornay center?

>> december 15th marks the five-year anniversary of coming out to my family, and i figured that there was no better way to celebrate it than to give back to youth who have not had it as easy as i have. lgbt youth are about homes.

>> when we look at this, this is the teaser video.

>> yes.

>> you have not run across the brooklyn bridge yet. that's coming up on saturday.

>> yes.

>> but why do this in five inch stillettos? you're in heels right now. is this something you normally do?

>> yeah. i wear high heels normally. it's part of who i am. it's how i express myself. i figured i would take my fabulocity.

>> these are the shoes right here, the pair that you're going to wear on saturday.

>> yes.

>> these look brutal and dangerous.

>> my feet will be hurting a little bit, um sure, once i'm done.

>> look at this.

>> they're large. they're certainly not -- i'm not messing around. they're five inch heels, and i'm sure my feet will be a little sore, but it's the least i can do to help out youth who really have had a lot harder than i am.

>> do you think you're break stereotypes by doing this or lending to stereotypes of people that might be critical of what you are doing?

>> i think it's to embrace who you are no matter what, this this is who i am. i don't think -- the critic kz say what they want to say. i'm proud of it.

>> what's been the response so far? how much money are you hoping to raise?

>> i was originally going to raise $2,000, and i'm at $10,000, and i hope today through saturday i'll be able to double it.

>> i still can't get over these shoes. look at these things. look at that.

>> they're not too bad. skoo they're not bad, but to run a mile is going to be tough. we wish you nothing but the best of luck.

>> you got to be strong.

>> you got to be strong. across the brooklyn bridge in freezing temperatures.