msnbc News   |  July 12, 2013

Final thoughts from Gloria Allred

As the jury considers evidence and tries to render a verdict, MSNBC’s Lisa Bloom and Craig Melvin share their final thoughts of the George Zimmerman trial along with civil rights attorney Gloria Allred.

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>> and you don't even know how glued i became earlier in the day, when i heard the 99th question, was this an emotional appeal because the jurors are all mothers and aren't they going to react in an emotional w way? yes, the fact that five out of six are mothers is of some interest. let's talk about all aspects of their identity, i know i'm losing craig melvin. not just the fact that they're mothers, for example, one of them ran a call center where she supervised 1200 employees. i mean, that is really astounding to me, two worked in the medical field, one an assistant, another one in a chiropractor's office. another one, i believe formerly ran a construction company. i mean, these are people who are yes, they are mothers but they also have really interesting skills and qualifications. and mom, why do you think we hear so little about that?

>> well, could there be sexism afoot and stereotypes? and there is just an echo chambers, one fact, oh, they're all mothers, a theme that just gets repeated and repeated. i'm glad you're there to say you know what? women are full human beings . being a mother is just one role in their lives. don't identify them as only that. that is important, but not all about who they are.

>> and one thing that got me, somebody saying it is a monolythic jury, they're different ages, occupations, different perspectives and backgrou backgrounds. good grief, let me ask you about another issue, you have been involved in so many high profile cases, i know it happens to you practically on a daily basis still. people come to you saying i'm in the middle of a huge high profile crisis. a family member has been killed, for example, the police are not prosecuting. and there are a lot of different options that people have before them in that kind of situation. walk us through how you handle that kind of situation. what the options are. and then the last part of the question is, whether anything else could be done for this family, if there is an acquittal and they still feel a sense of injustice.

>> well, in the same way there was an acquittal, in the same way of o.j. simpson , still, the estate of ron goldman and nicole simpson , filed a lawsuit against him. there, they were successful. there, they prevailed because it was a different burden of proof . it was not beyond a reasonable doubt as it is for the state to prove a case in a criminal case . it was a lower standard of proof. it was just by preponderance of evidence, in addition to get punitive damage, they had to prove clear and convincing .

>> and o.j. simpson was acquitted --

>> and they didn't believe him. he lied. and therefore -- as a result, he was found to be liable. so civil case is one option not only against george zimmerman, however, he probably has no money left after this is all over. they could have -- they could have sued the homeowner's association, but reportedly they have already settled with them for more than a million dollars.

>> we're going to run out of time, gloria, i want to get this to you really fast. from the prosecution's standpoint, gloria allred , was the evidence here and the prosecution just didn't put it altogether or was the evidence in this case lacking?

>> well, i would defer to learned counsel, my daughter, lisa, who has repeatedly said the evidence was there. they didn't put it all on in the way that they should when they should, and how they should. so you know, i think the jury can do whatever the jury wants to do. there is enough evidence to convict of second degree murder, if they want to.

>> well, we'll have to leave it right there. i appreciate you deferring to me, and i miss you, momma.

>> love you.

>> and to all of our panelists, and guests tonight. i'm lisa bloom .

>> and i'm craig melvin, i'm not related to either of them but i sure have enjoyed it. i will be here all weekend for my show tomorrow right on msnbc, we'll be on the air until a verdict is reached in sanford, florida, meanwhile, lock-up