NBC News   |  November 03, 2010

GOP Pollster: GOP sweep 'historic'

Public Opinion Strategies' Bill McInturff discusses the huge showing for Republicans in the mid-term election, calling them "a rebuke to the Obama administration."

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>>> bill mcinturf, part of our polling team. you poll mostly among republican clients in your private life when we are not having an election. put tonight's house sweep into some perspective.

>> it is historic. we haven't seen this many seats change since the 1940 elections. democrats have not been 200 seats in the house. and this is a rebuke to president obama . a majority voted disapprove of his performance in office and wanted to send a signal. 37% said they oppose him. 24% favor him. those are george bush numbers of 2006 . and independent voters shifted from four years ago, voting democrat by 18 points to today voting republican by 15. these are huge and historic numbers. as i said they're a rebuke to the administration of president obama .

>> i saw early wave numbers saying only about 46% of the people thought this was a protest, most of the people were angry about economic circumstances.

>> the poor economy set the stage. and they created the third election in a row of more than 20 seats we haven't seen that since end of world war ii and since the depression. we are at the lowest point in the american economy in post- world war ii history. and every party is paying the price. people want the economy fixed. and they're very upset with the way the democrats have handled the economy. look, the republicans, today won this margin with the majority saying they have an unfavorable view of the republican party , a majority saying they have an unfavorable view of the democratic party . they're going to keep voting new people in until you fix the economy and work together to get stuff done. and when we did the nbc " wall street journal " poll, the tea party people said they want aid return to the principles of the constitution which for them meant less government and less spending. i think that -- those are echos you are going to hear in the next to days after this election. once again the american people set the agenda for what happens in congress.

>> bill, thank you.

>> thank you, brian.

>> go back to your work