NBC News   |  October 14, 2012

Music prodigy, 7, next Mozart?

“Nothing about music seems to phase her. It’s like she’s been there before,” says Alma Deutscher’s piano teacher. The 7-year-old has already composed a short opera and spends five hours per day on her music - even though she’s too small to reach her piano pedals. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> a 7-year-old british girl is taking the classical music world by storm being likened by some to mozart. she already composed several songs, starting when she was 5. her popularity on-line is growing fast with tens of thousands of views on youtube.

>> oh, yes.

>> reporter: alma is composing a chela, her father at her side, to help her put her music down.

>> okay. can you make the move on that.

>> yes.

>> reporter: the 7-year-old composed a short opera and is an incredibly gifted musician.

>> elma , that was wonderful. you composed it yourself?

>> yes.

>> reporter: is it about anything in particular?

>> no.

>> reporter: still it small to reach the pedals were her ability to have sophisticated classical music amazes critics.

>> it normally comes when i'm resting kind of. because normally when i try, it is more when i'm in bed or resting, relaxed?

>> reporter: enchanting to find a little girl of that age sitting and composing her own music, to quite a substantial degree is really extraordinary.

>> reporter: once a week, hpiano teachers puts her through the paces.

>> it is almost like she has been here before. it is uncanny.

>> reporter: elma also plays the violin. accompanied with her mother and performed her own music in london and israel.

>> it i like it when she performs much more than she did z.

>> you like it?

>> well i just want everything to turn out well. yes.

>> reporter: elma spends five hours a day on her music but does normal kid stuff too.

>> i like it climb trees tp i like to dance. i read a lot.

>> reporter: some say she is too young to be compared to the greats, but there is no doubt this child is an original talent. nbc news, london.