NBC News   |  April 15, 2013

Steve Silva reveals eyewitness video's aftermath

NBC News' Katy Tur talks to Boston.com sports producer Steve Silva about his eyewitness video account of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and vivid details of the aftermath.

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>>> during our live coverage during the afternoon today, we heard from a lot of different eyewitnesss, including two journalists with "the boston globe ." steve silva who shot the videotape we have been watching and dave able. they both walked us through what they saw.

>> you know. just the finish line with the late winners over the line. most of them charity runners right up on the finish line , you know, things just going along swimmingly and then boom. and smoke just billowed straight up in to the air and then me and the other photographer ran over there and within 20 seconds of that, starting to get a grip on the scene, a second explosion went off up in the next corner. boylston and fairfield street. apparently they were in trash cans. and they went off. and it was carnage. we had a number of cuts and bruises, facial cuts. i saw a man that lost part of his leg.

>> police, fire, everyone was scrambling. there was a chaotic scene and the injuries were nothing short of horrific. everything turned quickly in to a crime scene . it's always been known as the best day in boston. a lot of people out there, unfortunately, that turned a beautiful day in to a horrific day.

>> i was standing on the finish line taking videos of runners coming in when the blast, first blast occurred about ten feet from where i was standing. we saw what was essentially a pile of bodies. we saw a lot of horrific things. worse things i have ever seen as a journalist. we saw a lot of blood, a lot of shattered glass . i actually can't get the image of a woman clearly not breathing with her eyes open staring straight up in the sky. definitely frightening. you know? first we were stunned by the explosion. weren't sure what was happening. a lot of people were thinking as often as is the case with explosions that it was like a firework, perhaps. a celebratory gun salutes for the finishing runners. contrast is really jarring because you had this moment of great lift and celebration of runners, just making it across the distance of the marathon and then suddenly, everything changed. i think as soon as i heard and anyone else who's in the vicinity heard the second explosion, we knew immediately, like, when we saw the second plane hit the second tower of the world trade center , we knew immediately that this was premeditated, that this was a terrorist attack.

>> steve silva and david abel , both of "the boston globe ." for thanks for them joining