NBC News   |  April 16, 2013

Rep. Keating calls attack 'sophisticated, coordinated'

NBC News' Brian Williams speaks to Massachusetts Congressman William Keating, who is also a member of the Homeland Security Committee, about new details from the National Guard and FBI on the Boston Marathon bombing.

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>> tonight from boston by democratic congressman william keating , the only member we should say of the massachusetts delegation to serve on the homeland security committee and, congressman, first of all, i wanted to hear your expression from the basis of your lifetime, what this day and this event means to the character and history of the city of boston on a normal running of the marathon.

>> well, i been a district attorney, brian. i've been a member of congress for a short period of time and homeland security , and janet napolitano told us a little over a year ago at the committee that the u.s. is less safe than it was since 9/11. and those were sobering words. we didn't know that this would happen right here in our backyard in boston and an iconic event that really brings the nation together and it brings international countries together to participate in this. it's a markings of a symbolic target terrorists would use internationally and tax day , april 15th and that could be a symbol for someone, domestic terrorist . we don't know that yet. but i'll tell you this. from boston , we are renowned for having one of the best fusion centers where the federal, state and local agencies work together seamlessly an they're working feverishly right now and i do feel that with the assets of the entire u.s. government the way the president has said he would give us today that we will bring the person responsible to justice but in the city tonight they're not looking that way. they're not feeling that way. we've lost three people. over 120 people are injured right now. numbness in the city. not out of fear but i think just out of trauma at this occurring.

>> congressman bill keating, one of the members of the massachusetts delegation, thank you very much for being with us and on a tough night for the city you love. when