NBC News   |  April 19, 2013

Fellow lifeguard says suspect ‘often had a smile’

Rose Schutzberg, a friend who worked as a lifeguard with one of the Boston Marathon bomb suspects, says Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was "hilarious, he was very kind, and he often had a smile on his face.”

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>>> said she was a friend of dzhokhar tsarnaev and said they were actually life guards together. rose is on the phone with us this morning. good morning. how are you doing?

>> good morning. i've been better.

>> what can you tell us about this person that you know?

>> well, i can tell you what i remember from high school , which was only two short years ago. dzhokhar and i were very good friends. he was hilarious. he was very kind. he often had a smile on his face. he was a life guard with me. so, already that says a great deal about his desire to care for others and protect other people's lives. and yeah, we got along very well. i spent a lot of my lunch breaks with him.

>> did you keep in touch with him, rose, over these last couple of years and did you notice anything going on with him?

>> yeah, so i haven't kept in touch as much as like i probably should have. i think that's the nature of going off to college after high school . when ever i did see him on breaks, he seemed happy. we were still very friendly with one another. it felt like talking to the same old dzhokhar.

>> i know as everyone we've talked to who knew him in high school has expressed to us, just surprise at this turn of events, but i ask you to search your memory. is there anything that you remember that now seems significa significant? did he ever indicate feelings or anything that makes you think he would possibly have ill will towards the united states ?

>> you know, i've been racking my brain for something, but i can't find any example. i mean, i knew he was from chechnya, but it never came up. in conversation as a point of concern. at all. no, he seemed very integrated in our community. we all loved him and it seems like he loved us, so there's nothing. there's really nothing.

>> when you saw those pictures last night, when the fbi released the surveillance photos, did it occur to you? did you recognize him?

>> it occurred to me, but i like only for as a fluke. and then i woke up this morning and my world was shattered. i would say. i'm still nauseous and shaky from the news this morning.

>> did you know anything of his family life ? did he live at home with his parents?

>> so, i was always under the impression that he lived with his brother. and he mentioned his brother a few times, so that's how i knew they lived together, but never was there any mention of his mom or his dad or anything like that.

>> well, rose, as we try to understand what's going on here, it's really valuable to get the perspective of somebody who knew this individual and i thank you for taking the time to speak with us this morning.