NBC News   |  April 19, 2013

Police doing a door-to-door search for suspect

Police are at the Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, haven't yet entered the building, suspecting it may be booby-trapped. NBC's Ron Allen reports.

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>> sprawling area virtually on lockdown. as savannah gut ree has been detailing, they still have a number of locations of interest. we still have a suspect on the loose. we want to run you ppz part of the comments that we heard within the past hour of timothy alban, the massachusetts state police .

>> i think going door to door , street to street, we are well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there there has been no apprehension at this point.

>> that's the latest that we know from the commonwealth of massachusetts . it's probably best at this point and we can't do this too often all day because people are always just joining us to go to pete williams . pete -- i'm told we're going to go instead to ron allen who is in cambridge . ron, cambridge is just one component of all of this. starts in boston , goes through cambridge , ends up in watertown and who knows where it's going to end up at the end of the day . but you have a key component in all of this because it was in cambridge that these two men really tipped their hand.

>> reporter: indeed. this is where they are believed to live. their home is two blocks behind me down a street in that direction, the area behind me completely sealed off. the police have been out here all morning half the night trying to secure the premise. we were told that authorities are going to have a controlled explosion of a device they found in that vicinity. we've seen them going through vehicles in the street. they have not entered the premises because they fear it could be booby-trapped and they want to know everything they can about the two brothers and their families. they are believed to have lived their with their mother and two youngsters. sean collier, the young officer that was fatly wounded in the head last night as suspects were fleeing the authorities. he's described as a young man who always wanted to be a police officer and saw it as a calling. there's mourning in that community as well, the m.i.t. community, the cambridge community. further down the road where you get to watertown where they are going door to door , the authorities said that they have covered about 60 to 70% of the area that they want to cover there. it's possible that the younger brother is holed up somewhere in a residence somewhere, in a business there. we're not clear about exactly what the police are thinking is happening there. but one of the local officials say the process of clearing that area, that crime scene could go on for several days into the weekend. so that's where we are now. this has been going on throughout the night there was a shoot-out in watertown . at one point we believed the suspects were traveling in a vehicle, carjacked a man, used his credit cards and atm cards to steal some $800 out of his account. there was a time where still there are about a million people in the greatest boston / cambridge area that are involved in this lockdown that has been going on since this morning. an incredible situation here in boston . still unclear exactly what's going on. the police are saying -- the governor, deval patrick came out and said this lockdown, this shelter in place order is still in effect, has not been lifted. speaking to the uncertainty that the authorities have. again, just an incredible night of police activity here in greater boston .

>> ron allen where throughout all that area business has stopped and people are not to answer their doors unless it's law enforcement and a lot of people have no option but to watch live coverage of what is going on in some cases down their street, down their block. i'm